12th September

Library research task, looking and exploring the different aspects, connotations and pathways or Bruce Nauman, the body as a material and the process of acceleration. Bruce Nauman's work is all about the way we respond to it, the provocation and violent sexuality of many of his pieces stem from his interest in human nature and the mind connected to the body. the state of trauma that many of his peices induce is disorientating and a bit psycotic. He uses a number of different mediums but most recently has been creating wall reliefs using neon lights. The word body normallly implies a physicality and the literalness of the movement of muscles and skin. In this way it is a framework and protection as it holds things. However the sensualness and violence of the body lends itself to consider the the way human nature is. This is closely linked to Bruce Nauman's influences behind many of his works. Marina Abramovic is a clear example of an artist that uses the body to portray her message. However a less literal use of the word is when something gievs material form to  more abstract group. The word acceleration has been harder to focus on as the speed and movement immediately implies a very mechanical or manmade thing such as a car or a plane but it can also be the movement of our own bodies which is a more natural thing such as dance and the heartbeat (closley linking this word to body). Artists like Balla and Francis Bacon portray movement in their own unique style but photography is the most common medium to capture movement. When something increases in an amount it doesnt have to be physical though, it underpins the economy, culture and society. Looking at the way stimulants increase and accelerate the body links these three concepts together.

18th september

Final project page reallly helped to bring idea together. I decide to make the peice large scale with the silhouetted figures overlapping, doing this it means that althought he people are standing still, the final peice has the feeling of movement in it and conveys the bussiness of the area that i would be in while making this work. I would ask people off the street to take a moment to pause and take a minute out of their busy lives to stay still and let me draw their silhouettes in neon colours inspired by Bruce Nauman.and Gary Hume. The bright colours are also there to emphasise the vibrancy and hectic nature of life. I thought that the final peice should be hung in a gallery so that the audience can then reflect on their own lives and consider the need to pause in their own lives.

Example of how i would execute my idea. I took phots of classmates and drew their outline.

Time; tattoo art today. by Morg.

Time; tattoo art today.

22nd september

Today looking at Architecture; geometric shapes and structures. I found the work of Coop Himmelbau and Jimenez Lai very intersting and the way they balance function and aesthetic is beautifully complex and intriguing. The balance of tension, compression and mass strength to form overall stability is facinating anf the Institute of lighweight structures try to acheive this, for example with the use of bubbles. The brief consisted of using bamboo sticks to form geometric shapes to then bond together and create a structure that could be a building with a function and a context. We discovered that triangles are very strong structures. pentagons and squares are a lot less stable.

25th september

Looking at Jewellrey, Fashion Accessories and footwear. It opened my eyes as to the possibilities of this area and the artists that one work in it.

25th september. Sophia Webster. New on the scen. Kitch and playful

25th september. Sarah Williams

25th september. Kali Arulpragasam. Identity of jewellrey

29th september. Jana Sterback's political dress of meat.

6th october. Fine Art

Project Human Being, Being Human.

Based on Martian museum of terrestrial art at the Barbican. The art was supposed to be able to teach martians about art and the need for humans to create art. The art was categorized into Kinship and descent, Magic, Ritual and belief, and communication. 150 artists were asked to exhibit work. Like Damien Hirst "isolated elements swimming" and Jay Heikes "family tree".

6th october. Jay Heikes' "Family Tree"

11th october. Fine Art

project title; Human being, being human.

all about what makes up being human, characteristics, instincts, what is unique to us and sets us apart from the animal world.

11th october. Martin Quin

3rd november. Grpahic communcation and design

project titled Interact. Anything in a public space, that uses the audience.

Looking at artists where there work reflects this.

3rd november. Christo.Takes the familiar and engages audience with it

Bruce Nauman's "Sex and death/double"

CY Twombly 'Energy and Process'. At the Tate looking at the movement and speed that his painting provokes.

16th september

We looked at the importance of creativity and what we eavh thought the process of it includes. I think its a process and use of your imagination to create interest or beauty from the mundane. Using the idea of 30 ideas in 30 minutes we jotted down as many concepts as possible and played with the themes linked to Bruce Nauman, body and accelerate. Then we picked three ideas we thought had the potential to take further. I was looking at the idea of identity and was thinking about asking people to write "Me" on a piece of paper in a colour then i would blow them up and play with them on a large scale as a combined piece or work. Another idea was to look at the judgement of women and their body by creating a scientific pin board pointing to the anatomy of a figure but instead of a figure, it be a sexual vulgar woman. However my most interesting pathway i think, is looking at the idea of stillness instead of acceleration. Everyone needs stillness. I aim to brain storm and bring together my ideas about how i can portray the body in a temporarily still nature in the vibrant and chaotic world. I am planning to incorporate the colours that Bruce Nauman uses to make his work striking using the neon lights. Maybe looking at Gary Hume and the use of the silhouette.

Final project page

20th september

I went to Somerset house to view the exhibition "Time; tattoo art today" which exhibited prolific and renowned tattoo artist's work from around the world, asking them to consider time, and these are the notes i took while there;

No audience participation. Quiet, eery, dim lighting and feels really still as if everyone is awaiting something. Not much space, lots of pieces in a relatively confined space. Plastic flapping doors mimicks a tattoo parlour and makes the areas even more sininster. White walls. Simple layout. Mostly painting, acrylic, oil and spray paint. Some work to do with time is quite obvious, a skull symbolising death for example but others were quite personal abstract and just a bit bizarre. Some very creepy and gruesome works, unpleasant to look at as they are gory in an obvious way. ecclectic mix of work, ranging from cartoony to incredibly figurative.

I really liked some of the less obvious work especially the detailed and incritacetly painted ones however there are some that i just thought were either too obvious or too in your face.

http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/visual-arts/time-tattoo-art-today link to official website.

Time; tattoo art today. Henk Schiffmacher "ACBC"

22nd september. Jimenez Lai's architectual sketches.

23rd september. Martin Baas' Clay Chair

25th september. Carol Christian Poell. Plays with surfaces

29th september

Fashion communication and photography, very interesting subject, so broad. Very collabrative work.

29th september. Yoko Ono's performence art. Lets audience cut dress, be a part of the art.

2nd october. Graphic communication and design.

Jack Stauffacher. Saw letters as aesthetic instead of just functional.


6th october. Damien Hirst, "Isolated elements swimming..."

7th october. Shirin Neshat's film highlighting the segregation and construction of society.

11th october. Helen Chadwick's Self portrait

3rd november. Martin Creed's Balloon Room.

Marina Abramovic "the artist is present"

15th September

Ive looked at different artists, going to the Tate Modern was helpful, especially for accelerate. We as a group found artists like Gungher Uecker with his peice titled White Field and Cy Twombly that are all about movement and the energy that is created by their work. Group discussions about our three words have also been very helpful.

Donald Judd at the Tate. Looking at acceleration.

17th september

Gary Hume and the bright colours nad reduced imagery is a main inspiration for my idea. The disquieting melancholic beauty reflect his view on American culture. Experimenting with the idea of overlapping the figures of silhouettes like the freeze frame photography of dancers that i found on the internet such as the photography of movement and the body by Tom Ziebinski. I like the idea of audience participation and the idea that as many people as possible are able to get involved.

Tom Ziebinki's experimental photography

Time; tattoo art today. Kurt Wiscombe, "The Witching hour"

Time; tattoo art today. Nicholas Baxter,"Heal all Wounds". Acrylic paint.

23rd september

Looking at product design, and pivotal classic chairs, like polypropylene chair and the bistro chair. I found Tom Price's chair made out of rope fasinating as it uses materials in a new, innovative way as well as Martin Baas' clay chair as it again plays with the material and process of making the chair and makes the public question the way they saw the material and function of it.

23rd september. Tom Price's Meltdown chair

25th september. Hilde de Decker. Jewellry is transient and fragile.

29th september. Tim Walker, beautiful magical photography. Fantasy.

2nd october. Russian constructivists, El Lissitzby. Inspiration for Graphic Design.

3rd november. Antony Gormley's Field.

3rd november. Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Portrait of Ross. Complex concept simply and playfully shown. Audience take sweets.


24 August 2017, 12:09

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